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My process

This is how I create websites

  • Sketch


    STEP 1/3

    Once the brief is done, I start to study all the elements of the brief to determinate how to hierarchise and structure them. The first reprenstation of the design is the wireframe. If the wireframe seems to cover all the queries of the brief, I design the website on illustrator or sketch in "scale of grey", to be sure that the harmony in term of structure is respected. Then I pick a colour scheme and I add pieces of colour where it's needed in order to get a first design. All of this is made simultaneaously on the 3 main devices (mobile, tablet and FHD laptop)

  • invision


    STEP 2/3

    I export all of the pages I designed as jpgs and build a simple prototype on Invision to check if the functionnalities are easy to use, If I got time, I try to get as much feedback as I can about the prototype. I possibly test it on users to be sure that the the website is easy to use. If not, it might mean that the website isn't intuitive enough and I adjust that until the design is sastisfying.

  • SublimeText


    STEP 3/3

    Once the design has been approved, the website has to be coded, or build through a CMS. My skills only cover front-end development for simple websites (like my portfolio), so at this stage of the process, I might need to work with developpers. It actually will depends of the complexity of the website.

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